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HIEMT Body Sculpt utilizes High-Intensity Electromagnetic Technology to cause deep muscle stimulation. A single session induces 20,000 muscles contractions. All this is done without any effort on your part. HIEMT Body Sculpt is a mini-MRI machine that uses therapeutic levels of magnetic fields. HIEMT is an FDA-approved non-surgical treatment that can increase muscle mass while burning fat cells. It does this by delivering high-intensity electromagnetic pulses (HIFEM) to the muscles, causing them to contract. The way muscles tighten, shape, and strengthen is the same as doing 20,000 manual sit-ups or squats. Deep and large contractions can also reshape the internal structure of the target muscle while reducing fat cells. The result is a sculptural tone without any surgical or medical downtime.

What is HIEMT?

The HIEMT is a revolutionary device which helps men and women build muscle while simultaneously burning fat, using all new electromagnetic technology – not just electricity alone – to force muscle contractions exactly where you want to focus on toning in the body.

To see the contouring effects of HIEMT on the body, you also do not need to count calories: the clinical study found that the effects on the body were unrelated to any dieting or workout regime – everyone who participated did not change anything about their regular eating habits or exercise schedule.

The effectiveness in daistastis will be particularly of interest to those wanting to tone and shape a post pregnancy body. Diastasis recti refers to the separation of your outer most stomach muscles separating, which weakens your abdominal wall, and results in a pooch sticking out at your belly. Different forces can cause your ab muscles to separate apart, but one of the most common reasons is pregnancy – and can make it near impossible to tone or build muscle in the specific stomach area through workouts alone.

The results of the HIEMT study showed that an impressive more than 10% reduction in this ab diastasis, when measuring the muscles just two months after the treatment, and 91% of people showing an improvement in this area, too, whether they suffered from an officially medically diagnosed diastasis recti, or simply an undiagnosed, visible pooch on the tummy. As the study found, “This suggests that the application can not only help severely affected individuals but is effective on most individuals regardless of their condition.”

In other tummy toning findings, the study found that the HIEMT reduced the ab separation that creates stomach protrusion, before it reaches the stage where it would be officially deemed a diastasis, so it can help to prevent a future belly from forming. The study added, “In addition, there may be some role in prevention by intervention prior to reaching the medical definition of diastasis.” Which is good news for anyone with even a little belly pooch.

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